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Would you like to have a mobile locator? Do you want to have located one or more people and don’t know how to do it? Here, we will explain everything you need to know and we will also give you alternatives that surely be useful. So welcome to our page and let’s start.

We are not aware, but everyone is controlled through their mobile phone. Thanks to science and new information technologies applied in modern society, any government entity can even know where you are at all times through WIFI, GPS, etc. ,

But they are not the only ones. We too can do so, thanks to all the tools that technology offers, and today you’ll know how to do it. It’s ideal to avoid mobile theft, and in this case, is as easy as downloading apps which many times are free, just searching a while on the internet on platforms like Softonic. So, note down this article.

We leave you with this video where you can learn more about mobile locators and users tracking.

Different mobile locator types

Next, we’re going to explain different mobile locator types so you have proof of their existence and, besides, learn how to use these programs:

Phones Locator, tablets and mobile. Android Device Manager

This system can locate almost any type of cellphone and tablets that have been lost or stolen, and remotely, you can delete all files and data so your privacy remains dormant forever.

But, how can you have the locator? Well, through an Android app called Android Device Manager. It also has a free service where indicates information through WIFI, GPS and Google Maps of where exactly is the device, with which you can locate it in seconds.

But it’s not all it offers. It has an alarm system that when you are at home and not find it, will ring and you can find it.

Thanks to Android Device Manager, you can find your phone or tablet no matter what.

Friends’ phone locator

mobile locator

Another system that anyone with a mobile device has access to is finding our friend through Google Maps and a tool called latitude (of the best programs for mobile I know).

With this system you won’t have the ability to locate them over very long distances, rather it’s designed for those times when you’re in a     crowded area and you are unable to locate your friend.

Its margin of error is minimal but will only work if your friend agrees that you have the ability to track their location.

Mobile and iPhones locator in IOS

If you have an iPhone mobile with IOS, you’re in luck because you can locate your friends and family quite easily.

It’s a software for IOS phones, and using GPS can track and find the location live, the place where it is a person that may be your loved one, and it’s practically impossible that may deceive you because its margin for error is minimal.

Moreover, if that were not enough, you can find and locate all the places where your friend has been or family member, during the past 24 hours. There can’t be more control than that. The service is free, so if it is what you’re looking for, download this application. Remember that you only need GPS.

Remember that having GPS is the only condition, so any smartphone will work.

IOS Life360 GPS tracker Mobile locator

One of the best apps for Mobile, another mobile IOS locator is the app Life360 GPS tracker, you can find it on google. In fact, it’s estimated that it’s the most complete of all apps due the characteristics it has to locate a terminal. We also have it for Windows Phone.

You just need GPS and have the app installed on the phone you intend to locate now or in the future.

By express invitation, you can make circles with different people including family, friends, coworkers … and you could know at all times where they are. It also gives you the alternative to modify your data whenever you want to maintain your privacy if you want.

But locating a mobile is not the only thing you can do. You also have the alternative to chat with all the people who are synchronized on the locator, with whom you can interact totally free.

The download is 100% from the ITunes web, both mobile and for PC. So if you are interested in this application to locate a mobile phone, download Life360 GPS tracker.

Free  Mobile locator for Android

SeekDroid phone Locator

SeekDroid mobile locator program is an Android app that presents itself as one of the most complete of all. It’s ideal for stolen devices and you can do very different things:

  • Locate the exact location of the device or mobile
  • Delete all phone data
  • Prevent remotely software removal
  • Send a message to the intruder you want to locate
  • Activate an alarm to locate your phone
  • To locate the phone you need GPS or Internet connection
  • etc.

Once you have the app, all these movements can be performed through a website and, as the only requirement needed is the internet, so SMS are useless. If it is what you’re looking for, download the application SeekDroid. It stands between tracking programs. In Google, you will see much more information and a detailed description.

See the place where a Blackberry is

These phones are different, because its operating system is unique, and is called the BlackBerry OS. A very good app is MobiStealth Pro. It’s designed to spy and see where is it a BlackBerry phone with certainty, and people who own it, it’s a help to find its location or against some kind of theft that you may have suffered.

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Hopefully, you now have more answers and greater variety to choose a good free mobile locator, with which you will never lose your phone and you can stop worrying about it. Anyway if you have any other questions about mobile phones, the method used to locates someone or need more information, you can ask the questions you want through our contact form on the web or through social networks, where we have a presence and we will respond as soon as possible.

Free mobile locator | By number and app

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