How to make a private call from mobile phone or landline

How to make a private call? It’s one of the questions asked by most people who want to hide their number, call or identity for whatever reason and can thus make a hidden call to another person.

Often we don’t want people to recognize us if we are a company or we are selling something, so they won’t return our calls they didn’t take at first or that they take it because we raise doubts regarding the caller ID. If they could see through the phone who is calling, in many cases they wouldn’t take the call because they would recognize the advertiser’s number and it would be much more complicated.

How to make a private call? Tricks: 3 methods for phone calls

In many cases it’s simply requested or needed to preserve the caller’s anonymity and the phone number, and oddly enough a lot of people have this request going through their head, so with these tricks you can call anywhere privately to your contacts without increasing your rates as you will be able to see.

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Method 1: How to put a private number by phone provider

The first way is the best if we want our number to be blocked whenever we make a call. What we have to do is call our phone provider and tell them that we always want hidden mode calls for that phone number.

The problem is that in some cases they will put objections to make this kind of calls as it’s something that is not common and they can say no. What I recommend you to do is to call several times to get an operator that allows you to do so.

In some cases you have to give the following information:

  • Phone number
  • Thenumber printed on the SIM
  • Holder’s Name and ID

how to call with a private number

And as you can imagine is impossible to be detected the other way round, because knowing or finding out your private number cannot be done.

This service that you can use to block your identity must be free.

Method 2: How to make a private call by combining numbers

Second method to learn how to put a private number on a terminal. Okay that’s fine, but how can I call with a private number if after much insisting on this my phone provider doesn’t allow me to do it?

If this has happened to you or you simply want to call anonymously some time I propose a trick that works well in most countries that is as easy as dialing a prefix before the recipient’s number.

You’ll know how to dial without my number appears or that unknown phone number appears. The person you’re calling will see the incoming call is from a “private number calling” and won’t know who you are until they pick up the phone.

– Private number calling from a landline in Spain you have to dial 067 before your recipient’s number.
– Private number calling from a cellphone you have to enter # 31 # before your recipient’s number.

I give you an example for you to learn how to call with a private number:

Example to hide your phone number:

To call the number 91 879 78 12 with a private number it would be like this:

– From a cellphone: # 31 # 91 879 78 12 (phone number)
– From a landline: 067 91 879 78 12 (phone number)

This is what you must do to learn how to make private calls.

Method 3: Changing the settings of your smartphone

The last method on how to put your number as private is valid for some smartphone types and is about changing the setting of outgoing calls.

To make a hidden call you should go to setup and go to the “hide ID” section that almost all modern cellphones have. When you access it you must select the option and restart the phone. Then make a test calling to another phone number that you have close and ready.

This method to make a private call on a cellphone works for any operating system, either Android or Windows Phone, its software is different and it doesn’t matter whether is in Spanish or English, because the option can be done and the caller will never be discovered. How to call with a private number was never so easy thanks to these recommendations.

Even with Skype (which you can download from the Internet only by creating a free account) you can call to cellphones and change the identity you want to show.

How to make a private call BONUS

In addition to hiding your number there are many more possibilities that you can do with your cellphone, like the iPhone for example. There are many useful security applications.

For example if you look for them in the Apple Store you’ll notice some application to hide photos and they can be seen only by yourself anytime you want. In addition you can also download an application to hide applications you don’t want others to see without your consent.

I hope these tricks that I have presented will help you to know how to make a private call and preserve your identity quickly and safely. From now on you will know how to call with a private number from cellphone and landline phone wherever you might be. We hope to have helped you because as you can see calling privately is not as difficult as it seems and it’s our intention to teach you to do it right.

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